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Warranty & Technical Info50 Year Warranty

  • Subject to the following terms, Castle Stone Products (CSP) warrants to the original purchaser and subsequent owners that for 50 years from the date of purchase, its CSP manufactured stone or brick veneer will not blister, peel, flake, delaminate or crack excessively, as a result of manufacturing defects when used on structures conforming to local building codes and installed with the Masonry Veneer manufacturer’s Association written instructions. CSP will at its option, either 1) pay the reasonable replacement cost of the defectively manufactured products, 2) provide a replacement of the defective product or pay reasonable cost for replacement product of a similar design or 3) pay the reasonable cost for repair of the defective product.
  • This Limited Warranty is not limited to the original purchaser but covers the stone regardless of whether ownership of the building changes. This warranty runs with the transfer of the property to subsequent owners of the property into which the warranted products have been incorporated, but the warranty period is limited to 15 years from the original date of the installation of the warranted product.
  • No warranty whatsoever is made with respect to the manufacture or performance of materials or components of construction not sold or manufactured by Castle Stone, including but not limited to mortar, lath, weather resistant barriers, flashings or framing. CSP makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to aesthetics, design and engineering of the structure into which CSP products are incorporated, or workmanship involved in the application of any CSP products warranted hereunder. The CSP product is not waterproof. The CSP product must be incorporated into a cladding designed by a building professional that contains adequate mechanisms for water management. CSP has no responsibility for damage caused by moisture intrusion through the building envelope or around any of the building envelope components or by vapor transmission from the inside of the building to a moisture sensitive part of the wall assembly.
  • CSP shall have no further obligation or liability of any kind, other than as stated in this document, and it is further agreed and understood that the price paid for CSP stone is consideration for the limitation of CSP liability hereunder.
  • Warranty coverage is limited to replacement or repair of defective materials and does not cover labor to remove or replace materials.
  • CSP’s obligations under this warranty shall only begin if the owner notifies CSP, in writing, within sixty (60) days of actual or constructive notice of the alleged defect. CSP shall be allowed a reasonable period of time and authorization to remove samples, so as to perform any testing CSP deems necessary to investigate and determine the cause of the defect. The owner shall make temporary repairs in a timely manner to prevent further damage to the structure, contents of the building, and the CSP stone until the cause of the defect is determined and permanent repair recommendations may be made.
  • CSP obligation to supply replacement stone pursuant to this Warranty shall become null and void if in the sole judgment of CSP, any of the following events shall occur: i) if after installation of the CSP stones there are any alterations or repairs made to the building that affect any component of the wall assembly of which CSP stones are a part in any way; or ii) if the Owner or any of the Owner’s tenants fail to use reasonable care in maintaining the CSP stones before and after installation.
  • CSP failure at any time to enforce any of the terms or conditions stated herein shall not be construed to be a waiver of such provisions.
  • This warranty shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Missouri.
  • Neither the sales personnel nor other agents of Castle Stone Products are authorized to make warranties about the merchandise described in this content.

Lab Test Summary

(Complete lab summary is available upon request) Stone Veneer Testing: Gold Cast Products / Castle Stone

  • Compressive Strength: ASTM C39 Air Cured 6200 psi
  • Tensile Strength: ASTM C190 286 psi
  • Absorption: UBC Standard 15.5 12%
  • Flexural Strength: ASTM C348 666 psi
  • Density: ASTM C567 @ 2.0” Hickness SSD(Llbs/Ft2) 15.01
  • Freeze / Thaw: ASTM C67 Pass
  • Bond Strength: ASTM C482 371 psi
  • Dimensions: ICBO AC 51-2009 Pass
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