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At Castle Stone, we understand you may have questions regarding our process and materials. Feel free to select a question that may be applicable to your situation, or contact us today and we would be happy to clarify.

  • How thick are your stone veneers and what do they weigh?

    Stones are from ½” to 2” in thickness and weigh from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 lbs per square foot.  No brick ledge or added supports are needed for installation.

  • Do Castle Stone Products withstand the freeze / thaw cycles?

    Our products are tested for freeze / thaw durability. As with any installation, making sure good building practices are in place will help ensure a successful installation.

  • How to determine the quantities needed for a project

    Stones are from ½” to 2” in thickness and weigh from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 lbs per square foot.  No brick ledge or added supports are needed for installation.

    1. Determine the total project square footage
    Multiply the length (in feet) times the height (in feet) of each surface area to be covered.
    2. Subtract windows, doors or other openings
    Calculate the square footage occupied by windows, doors and other openings. Subtract this amount from the project square footage.
    3. Determine the linear footage of corner pieces needed
    Measure the linear feet of outside corner areas to be covered including any doorways and windows that will have corners.
    4. Determine the square footage of flat pieces required
    Divide the linear footage of corner pieces needed by 2 (One linear foot of corner veneer equals
  • Will Castle Stone products fade?

    The base color is blended throughout and permanent iron oxide pigments are applied and absorbed when the veneer is cast. Color becomes an integral part of the stone, and similar to natural stone, there are minimal color changes after years of weathering.

  • What are the benefits of using architectural stone veneer over natural stone?

    Architectural stone gives you the same look, texture, color and shape as natural stone. Our stones are made in molds from the actual stone themselves, thus capturing all the detail and definition of the natural stone.

    Architectural stone veneer is approximately 1/3 to ½ the cost of natural stone; gives you all the benefits of real stone but at a fraction of the price.

    A project using architectural stone vs natural stone will be approximately 30-50% less expensive to complete. Because of the lightweight properties associated with stone veneers, no wall ties or footings are required to be constructed. As well, stone colors can be specified to meet your needs; quarried stones, in addition to having to mine Mother Earth for the material, may have different color variations from what you see at a showroom.

  • Can I apply Castle Stone over the brick on my home exterior or fireplace?

    Brick (non-painted) makes a great surface to apply stone veneer. A thin coat of mortar is applied to the brick and the stone is then applied directly over the brick. (Note: if the brick is painted, then the paint will need to be removed or a different substrate created before installing stone veneer)

  • Where can Castle Stone veneers be used?

    Our stone veneer products and accessories can be used for interior or exterior uses.

  • Should I seal the stone?

    It is not required to seal Castle Stone. However, a sealer will provide added protection and will usually be easier to clean if the surface becomes dirty.

  • I have siding on my home—how can I incorporate stone into the design of my home?

    There are many ways to incorporate stone into a home’s exterior. We can apply stone to some areas and a new siding material like Hardie Board to other areas. We will work with your siding contractor or suggest the names of great siding contractors. We can follow your suggestions, or provide our own advice on where the best placement for the stone would be on the home’s exterior.

  • Where can I find a skilled mason to install my architectural stone?

    Castle Stone has a selectively defined list of masons we can recommend for your project. Call us at 314.997.1600 and we can put you in touch with the right craftsman for your project.

  • How do I clean my stone veneer?

    We recommend using white vinegar/water mix of 1:6 ratio or a mild detergent & water—both using a soft bristle brush. Never use any type of acid cleaners, wire brushes, pressure washers, bleach or any other type of concrete cleaner.

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